On the 10th of October in Showa46(1971),
the foundation of the revival of the 1st Naha

@NAHA GIANT TUG -OF -WAR is the greatest traditional cultural event in Okinawa that was initially begun by four towns in the Ryukyu empire that became Naha. Here on Okinawa there are tug-of-wars like it, but those are to pray for good and plentiful year and a ceremony for rain. The one in Naha is to pray for the prosperity of Okinawa, and to not only give a good-luck charm to, but wish for the good health of all people.
In 1712, Naha-City was made by four towns ( Nishi-Machi,Higashi-Machi,Wakasa-Machi and Izumizaki). These were divided by two East and West. In those days, this tug-of-war was not held every year was only given for important celebrations, for example, when the Okinawa-prefecture government was held for the first time in Meiji 42 (1909), or when the Naha-municipal government was held for the first time in Taishow (1921). In 1935, it was broken off. But in 1971 the tug-of-war was held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Naha-municipal government. At present, it is held on Sunday before second Monday of every October (Health-Sports Day)