1. Purpose : To maintain peace and order in a society, to promote mutual understanding of Okinawa-citizen, to progress tourism industry, and to preserve the cultural inheritance of Okinawa.
  2. Denomination : NAHA GIANT TUG-OF -WAR
  3. Sponsor : Conservation society of NAHA GIANT TUG-OF-WAR
  4. The Date : On Sunday before second Monday in every October
  5. Place of operation : Parade=on Kokusai Street Tug-of-war=National Highway 58
  6. Standards of Rope : Length of Female=100m0 Length of Male=100m Weight=43t
    Rope for pull=Length-7m / Total number of the rope =280
    Yjʐ^ j
    Male Female
  7. Number of audience : 280,000 people(15000 people can pull)
  8. Parade is held by seven-flags of west side and seven-flags of east side at pm 12:00.
    About 2000 people join with wearing uniform(called Mumunuchihanta). This parade
    is called Ufunnasunei. This parade is continued for two and a half hours on Kokusai-Street. Tag-of-war is held on highway 58 at 15:00 per the program.